Science of Pride

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Seattle musician Carly Calbero, knew that she didn't want to go back to singing and writing, strictly on her own. Cascade Cascade is the space between.

Performing songs written by Calbero and her wife, Nika Wascher (formerly of The Alkis), the soulful power of her vocals and rhythmic guitar playing, breaks through the introspective quiet, normally associated with singer-songwriters.

With a national tour under her belt and a top finish in Rolling Stone Magazine's search for the best busker, Carly is welcoming the change, the only constant, in her new solo project - Cascade Cascade.


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Bright Eyed Kids EP

by Cascade Cascade (formerly - The Alkis)

Released in 2014 under The Alkis, Bright Eyed Kids is the prelude to the upcoming album Science of Pride

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