Raised in a small town 45 minutes outside of Seattle, WA, Carly Calbero has been chasing songs for as long as she can remember. Developing her voice in small coffee shops and the historic, Pike Place Market, singing provided an outlet and a way to connect an introverted kid to the outside world.

In high school, she met Nika Wascher, an outgoing, multi-talented, drummer, singer, and photographer. Together they embarked on a journey that would take them across the Pacific Northwest and eventually, on a 19-state tour encompassing the U.S. and Canada.

“We were a young married couple, playing music and chasing a dream.” - Carly

In 2017 a diagnosis would limit Wascher’s ability to play and the dynamic of the music had to change.

As - CASCADE CASCADE - Carly now performs songs written, recorded and produced in collaboration with Nika. With a guitar and raw, untethered vocals, she continues the journey, chasing after the music.